What is a CCCD?


This has been all over the net for the last year or so but a few music companies have started this complelely stupid thing called CCCD

What are they? They are "Copy Controlled Compact Discs". That means you can't play them except on basic CD players. No computers, no DVD−players, no car navigation systems, no PDAs, no iPods, no MP3 players.

I don't hold it against the music companies to try to stop the copying but in this case they are shooting themselves in the foot. The majority of my friends don't use CDs anymore and I know that number is only growing. Several of my friends have gone to the music store to legitimately buy a CD but as soon as they see the logo above they know they will not be able to listen to the music.

Specific examples include M−FLO's latest CD, Massive Attack, Janet Jackson's Damita Jo, Radiohead.

At that point they have 2 choices. Go without or pirate. Guess which one they choose. The goal was to prevent piracy and all it did was encourage it. All of the music is available to be pirated online regardless of this CCCD thing so the only thing it accomplishes it to prevent legit sales. Really stupid.

Even if it's your favorite band if their CD is released as a CCCD DO NOT BUY IT!

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