Web Update


Well, as you can see I've been busy.  I've re−written my webcode so I can more easily change the entire look.  I've put up a new look and with the help of my friend Danny Chan and his we::blog I now have comments on all pages.  That doesn't mean I'll read them but...

There's still alot to do.  I need to put up a recent comments list and I have a few pages of backlog.  I'm on vacation from Dec 21 to Jan 7th so maybe I'll have time then.  Also I'm looking into being able to update my pages from anywhere or at least to be able to add new headlines.  On top of which I'm probably going to get one of the many Japanese cell phones that have a digital camera built in.  If I get it all setup right I'll be able to post a headline and a picture while I'm out and about in Tokyo.

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