Wasting Energy


Sometimes Japan seems like the most wasteful place on the planet. Sure, we American's get blamed all the time for using to many resources but living here in Japan it's hard to believe Japan is not #1 in waste.

The biggest problem is wrapping/packaging. As an example you can actually get individually wrapped candy covered chocolates here. Think M&Ms each individually wrapped. If I go to get some pastries they will put each individual pastry in a separate plastic bag, put all those bags in a paper lunch bag and then but the paper lunch back in a plastic grocery bag. Would you like some pastry with your bag?

Going to the convenience store often if I buy only one single drink the guy will put it in a bag. Although at some stores if you only get one drink they will ask you first, do you need a bag, if you buy 2 items, say a drink and a pack of gum they will not ask.

The specific thing that prompted me to write this though was this ad I saw on the train for this little bitty refrigerators/heaters. They hold exactly 4 drinks at most and you can set them on hot or cold. Maybe it's just me but it's hard to imagine that as anything more than a waste of plastic and waste of energy although I'm sure most of the Japanese girls here just think of them as Chou Kawaii (super cute!)

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