It makes no sense to me how bad Japanese food is in America. Especially in L.A. and S.F. there are large enough populations of native Japanese peoples that you'd think there would be some good restaurants. Although there are some good sushi places, almost without fail anything that is not sushi in pretty craptacular. There are a few places that are okay but none have been true Japanese food.

That is until now. Wakasanchi is 100% authentic. Everything I was given was not in the least bit out of place from my experiences in Tokyo. The "Omakase" or leave it to the chef thing might be a little off putting for some but I think it's for the best because unless you've lived in Japan you would not know what or how to order.

This is not a place for Teriyaki Beef or Chicken (something I **NEVER** encountered in my 7 years in Tokyo).

If you want the REAL thing. This is it.

Do not go if you are a picky eater. Do not go if you are vegetarian. Do go if you want to experience true, delicious, healthy Japanese food.

Let me note that Japanese cuisine covers many kinds of foods and this is only one kind but so far it is the only kind that's made it to America un−touched and un−changed.

Wakasanchi is on Westwood Blvd between Santa Monica Blvd and Olympic Blvd.

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