Video Porn on your phone


I saw on a Japanese TV program an interview with Kuki which is a porn company here in Japan and the interview was about the fact that they now stream porn video to the DoCoMo Eggy and that it has been farily popular.

That might not be a problem in America but here in Japan it's very common to see men reading porn on the trains as well as there is porn in several newspapers so even if they aren't reading it they might be reading the sports page or the stock page and some porn is on the back for you to look at.

Anyway, now these same men can watch porn movies on their Eggy. Of course that's not a problem because nobody has an Eggy but as of May when the new FOMA W-CDMA phones come out, all those phones will be able to receive video too. It's will be interesting to see if I see anybody watching it on the trains this summer.

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