TV Remote Cell Phone


Okay, I'm a gadget freak to some degree but this is just overboard.

It's the ability to browse a program schedule on your phone, pick a program then point your cell phone at your VCR and have the phone program your VCR. I don't need that feature. My VCR already does that thank you. 😉

Docomo's newest series, the 901i has been announced recently. The line up of new features is not that compelling.

The new features are

  1. TV Guide / Programming your VCR from your phone
  2. Upgrades to their level of Flash support
  3. Fancier E-Mail (wallpaper, etc) of course only compatible with similar phones
  4. The ability to send up to 500K attachments. In other words you can send an entire 2 or 3 megapixel JPG. Before you could only send smaller 30-60K images.<li>Upgrades to the features supported for applications
  5. 3 models with FeliCa chips (think Mobile's Speedpass)
  6. Security Settings (do I need this?)

The number 1 feature I need is no latency when accessing webpages. Fix that one problem and net usage would climb astronomically.

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