Toy Club no Tokoro


My friend Atsuko decided to take me to the Toy Club which is a toy museum near Yokohama. It's very nice area.

The first place we stopped was at a gaijin cemetery. A cemetery for foreigners. At first I kind of thought, okay, so what, big deal. Then when we got there the view was pretty cool and the place was fairly pretty although there were a ton of huge scary spiders with big webs everywhere.

But, I found out the point. Many of the people at this cemetery have a place in Japanese history. For example the person who headed up building Japan's first railroad is here. The first railroad went from Yokohama to Shimbashi. Now I know why the koen (park) next to the Shimbashi Eki (train station) has a big old train in the middle of it.

After walking up to the top of a hill you find the cemetery. Here's the view looking back at Yokohama.

It's a pretty packed cemetery with many ornate tombstones.

This is Atsuko. She's not dead. 😉

The cemetery goes way down the hill but you are pretty much supposed to stay on a small path that only goes certain places. They give you a little map that tells you who is who and what they are famous for.

There is a ton of growth there and lots of Kumo (spiders). I wonder what the place looked like when they built it.

So then we made it to the Toy Museum. It's a pretty small place. I think it started as somebody's hobby collecting these toys and then they decided to open a shop. I think they are doing pretty well.

They have a some videos of some of the toys in action and they had prices for each of the toys in the video. I'm not sure if that's a sale price as in if the toys are for sale or if it's an estimated worth.

This one was particularly cool in the video. It walks around on its four legs and then stops and its side hatch opens and then a little man gets lowered out to explore. Pretty amazing!

This is their big dog, Oliver. They've made him into quite the celebrity and they've even got various Oliver merchandise like t−shirts and stuff.

And another dog but not famous yet though he was sleeping next to a 427 Shelby Cobra. Not sure if it was real or a replica.

And this is their very famous cat! Not! Actually this display was in front of a church a couple of blocks from the toy museum.

If you have a really wide screen you might be able to get all these pictures to line up showing you the view from a park near by that overlooks Yokohama bay. I haven't convinced myself to buy some panorama software yet which would let me stitch these into one picture.

After the Toy Museum we walked down to Yokohama. This tower is a famous landmark we passed.

We stopped at Landmark Tower to find some dinner but it was all very crowed. Here's Atsuko trying on some hats. I'm not sure about the four ear hat thing but once in a while I see some girl on the train with a cat ear hat on.

In the end we ended up at a restaurant back in Kawasaki that had a view of Kawasaki at night.

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