Tokyo Bay Cafe Island


You're looking for some place new.  You'd like a view.  Check out the Tokyo Bay Cafe Island

The CafeI was watching TV in late Winter 2001 and I saw some news piece on the new Harumi−Triton complex that had just opened.  It's a skyscraper office building + small mall, plus food court, plus restaurants, plus apartment complex. So, one day after school I decided to go check it out.

It's arguably not a place you should go out of your way for just to see.  It's not really that big so if you are where expecting something like Venusfort or Ikspiari you're going to be disappointed.

Harumi-Triton (click it)On the other hand, if you are just looking for something to do, especially if you are off on a weekday, then you might just want to check it out.  It won't be crowded on a non−weekday and you can go check it out and then when you are finished you can have a seat at the Tokyo Bay Cafe Island and just sit back and relax and enjoy the view.

The cafe is nothing exceptional except for it's location. Then you can brag that you've been some place most Japanese people have never heard of 😛




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