This site might go down


I was resently informed by my ISP that this site is basically too popular and that I will have to start paying about $400 a month to keep it going. Obviously I can't afford that.

So, I'm going to attempt to run it at home. When I make the switch the site might be down for a couple of days (you might have noticed it was down the last 2 or 3 days, related reasons).

But, also, I may be moving soon. I quit my job recently and am looking for new work. When I make the move I'll be "off the air" until I get setup at the new place and get a net connection, that could easily be an entire month so.... keep your fingers crossed.

If you are curious although I probably don't actually get all that many hits as my site is pretty heavy (lots of pictures) I get about 20−25 gig of traffic a month (if you go around looking at accounts you'll see that most of them limit you to 10−15gig. My site is also heavily scripted, I should fix it so it's cached but I don't really have time but for example, my ISP has a limit for 50,000 CPU cycles a month. Whatever that means I'm at 400,000 (8 times over).

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