The Sony DSC-F1 - Dark Digital Photography


About a year ago my company purchased a Sony DSC−F1 camera for me. For the last year I've taken it almost everywhere. A also personally own a Canon ELPH APS camera (not digital). Usually I carry both cameras. I use the Canon for outdoor pictures and the Sony for indoor pictures. Specifically because with the Sony, I don't need a flash to take a picture and also, since I don't have to look through a viewfinder, I can take pictures inside stores and malls without anybody knowing I'm taking a picture. (Usually if you try to take a picture in a store you are told to stop and desist.)

I also like using it to take pictures of friends because they often don't know I'm taking a picture and so I can get candid shots.

When I left that job, I decided I wanted a digital camera of my own since I would have to give up the DSC−F1. A year has passed since I got that camera and many newer cameras have come out. I read all the reviews I could find and settled on the Kodak DC210. I tried it outdoors, took a picture of my car and a few other things. It was great. The pictures were clear and I loved that I could get the pictures almost instantly by inserting the CompactFlash card in the PCMCIA adapter for my notebook.

Then, one day about 2 weeks after I got the camera I went to Disneyland. I brought the camera and I took pictures inside the Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World and Alice in Wonderland. When I got home and pulled the images off almost non of them came out. It was also frustrating taking the pictures because the DC210 doesn't remember your settings. Every time you turn the camera on you have to wait a few seconds for it to warm up and then you have the press the flash mode button 4 times to turn the flash off. (Remember, you can't take flash pictures inside a ride at Disneyland). The Sony has a manual flash, so by default it's off.

Well, after that I sent the Kodak back. I thought it was a great camera but it didn't do what I needed it to do. What I did most often with my previous digital camera.

I'm curious what other cameras will do. I tried the Epson PhotoPC 600. It tried taking a picture in my office with the blinds closed and no lights. The Sony still took a reasonable picture. The Epson wouldn't even take the picture. It claimed there was nothing to take a picture of.

So, now I have my own Sony DSC−F1. I took it to Disneyland the other day to show it off. You'll see that many of the images are dark and or have a red tint the darker they get. That's fine with me, at least it took a picture. Note: non of the pictures below have been enhanced in any way.

Click on any picture for a larger version.

Inside It's a Small World

Outside It's a Small World

Inside Alice in Wonderland

Outside Alice in Wonderland

Inside Indiana Jones

Pictures of the new Tomarrowland

A cool old Disney ride poster

The banner for the new Tomarrowland Exhibit and the Art Gallery above Pirates of the Caribbean

The Rivers of America

Inside Pirates of the Caribbean

Inside the Haunted Mansion

It's me riding with a ghost.

Inside Star Tours

The Disneyland Hotel

Here's a page with a few photo's from the Kodak DC210 in the same situations. (click here)

Kodak DC210 Dark Photography Examples
San Francisco Eateries