The Roof


If the basement is full of foods to take home, the roof is often food it eat immediately.  In otherwords, restaurants.  Like many large department stores in America have or used to have a coffee shop on the top floor in Japan, many many buildings have a floor or two of restaurants at the top and where as the store itself may close around 7pm the restaurant floors will usually stay open later like until 10 or 11pm.

One large store in Shinjuku has 29 restaurants on the 14th and 15th floor.

At Musashi−Mizonokuchi, the next train station past mine there are two very large stores OIOI and NoCty.  I thought OIOI was pronounced OI OI like the "OI" "jOIn" but it's pronounced "ma−ru−ee".  OIOI is just their logo.   Both buildings are around 12 stories tall.  The top two floors are restaurants and also, one side of one of the buildings has alot of windows and so there are restaurants on every other floor at those windows.

In Japan many many restaurants have a case in front showing all the entrées.

Here are some of the restaurants in this these buildings.


Rakeru is a chain of restaurants that specialize in egg dishes.  They are fairly popular.



Most restaurants specialize in one or two things.


This one is for sushi


This one is katsudon.  Fried stuff with tonkatsu sauces.


This one specializes on Okonomiyaki which is what some people call Japanese pizza (although the Japanese eat lots of regular pizza too)


This one serves udon and soba noodles.  Both can be served hot or cold.  If they are served cold then you are given a cup of cold broth (I think it's shoyu "soy sauce") to which you add onions, spices, wasabi and other things.  Then you pickup some noodles and dip them in the broth and then eat them.  When your done you are given some plain broth that you mix with the left over noodle broth to make some soup.   It's really good.


This one looks like they serve stuffed hamburger.


This one is Italian. Italian is by far the most popular non−Japanese restaurant type.


Here is one that actually has a wide selection.


This is another Italian one


And here's the view across the isle.


This one is Indian food.


Here's on the looks like they specialize in ice and ice cream desserts.


Another Italian one with some pretty delicious looking desserts too.


Another one with Italian food and desserts.


Can you tell?  All the food in the cases is plastic.  There is a part of Tokyo the has many companies that make plastic food for these displays.


This one looks like the specialize in more fancy Japanese sets.


Here is one of the ones near the windows.  It's specialty is South−Western.


This one seemed more like coffee shop.  It has a view out the other side of the building.


And this is one of my dorm mates, Naoko.  She specializes in being cute and unavailable 😊  We had some dessert at a local Mister Donut. 


Ramen-ya (Ramen Shop)