the REAL Train Simulator


Trains are a part of life in Japan. As such, there's a train simulation game series by Taito called Densha−de−Go (Let's go by train). They are on version 3. It's got a pretty standard display. In fact, generally lower tech than your average game on the same platform.

Well, this month a Sony has released a much cooler one. The most used train line in Japan as far as I know is the Yamanote line that follows a circular route around Tokyo. That his company has done is filmed the route. Then they play it back while you drive the train around it (PS2 game) (if you can call that driving 😉) I'd say they have about a 6 inch resolution. If you take the train slow when the video starts to get too slow they start doing a crossfade between images.

There is something at least slightly interesting about it especially since I use that line everyday but, I don't really get why these games sell even in Japan. Taito's newest one is a Shinkansen simulator. (Bullet Train) The graphics aren't nearly as good as the one above since it's poor 3D instead of video but worse, what do you do on the bullet train except start it up and then go to sleep for 2 hours until it gets to the place you were supposed to go.

The controls are the breaks, the emergency breaks and the accelerator. That's it. No steering required. Of course I'm sure it takes some practice not to stop to quick and knock all the passengers over and also practice to stop the train at the correct spot relative to each station but that's about as exciting as it gets. I think I'll rush out and get it right now! 😖

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