The Panasonic D-Snap AV30


Here's the lastest crazy gadget, the Panasonic D-Snap AV30.

It's this ittybitty still and movie camera thingy. It can record MPEG4 movies, upto 10 hours at 15 fps on a 512Meg SD card. It can take upto 14000 pictures on a 512Meg SD card. It's only 640x480 though and that's in high compression mode. You can use it to record analog video so you can for example copy some movies or TV programs to it to watch them later. It's got video out so you can watch it on a TV. It plays MP3s. And...It comes in 4 different colors.

Act now and you also get this free set of ginsu knives absolutely free! 😛.

The funny thing is it will only run for about 90 minutes while recording or playing back video and only 3 hours while playing back MP3s. What's the point?

Jangara Ramen