The Monday Checkup


So I went to the hosptial this morning to check on my pneumonia and it's looking pretty good. I don't have to check into the hostpital. Thank goodness.

Here is the Xray I was shown on Friday.

The whispy white strands of stuff, that's the pneumonia. It's very freaky to see your lungs are full of some guck that shows up on xray. The dark area in the top left, that's what it should look like throughout according to the doctor. No strands, all dark. Today, the new xray still showed strands of stuff but they were about half the size they used to be so I guess that means I just take it easy and cross my fingers now.

The zithromax I was given over the weekend is supposed to keep kicking for another 4 or 5 days and the doctor didn't tell me to come back so I guess that means as long as my symptoms go away I'll be fine.

Since Friday I haven't had a fever but I still sweat like crazy and I have a cough. The doctor gave me some medicine to help loosen up that stuff in there so I can get it out. Hopefully that's it.