The Hotel Villa Fontaine


I saw on TV the Hotel Villa Fontaine in Shiodome (she oh doh may) just opened August 9th. What makes it different is it's a more Western style business hotel. Very much like an Embassy Suites. Larger Western style rooms with either 2 doubles or one king size bed and a reasonable price. Starting a 10000yen a night (about $90). Net connection in every room supposedly.

It's in Shiodome which is a new part of town that just opened about a year ago. Only 2 stops from Tokyo station and walking distance from Ginza (10 mins), and Shinbashi (5 mins) it's probably a great place to stay for anyone visiting Japan on business. Shinbashi means easy access to the Yamanote line which is the main line through Tokyo. The Shiodome station is also there which is on the Oedo Line which will get you straight to Roppongi and Shinjuku in just a few stops.

To give you a comparison, 5 years ago I stated at the Shinjuku Washington Hotel, another hotel labeled a "business hotel". The rooms were tiny. 2 twins size beds with about 1.5 feet between them against the walls on 3 sides. A bathroom you had to duck to fit in and it was 25000 a night!

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