Ten Ten


Ten Ten is another great place for Dim Sum.  It's often very busy and there can be wait any day of the week.  Again weekends are the best time to go as there is more variety.  I'm not sure what hours Dim Sum is served there but I suspect it's 11am to 2pm

Oh, if you don't know what Dim Sum is, it works like this.  You go into the restaurant and get seated and then you'll see people pushing carts around the restaurant.   They will push them up to your table and on them are 50 or more various kinds of foods.  For example one dish might be 3 or 4 pork shumai.  Another might be shrimp shumai.  Another pork pot stickers.  They'll show you all the dishes.   You ask for a few different things and chow down.  The more people you go with the more things you'll get to try.  Each plate is generally pretty cheap, like $1.50, though some things might be more expensive.

Directions: See Kim Tar.

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