I've sweating a ton! It's annoying. I don't know if I'm sick or have some other issue or if I'm just out of shape or if something about the air here in Scandinavia. The weather has been relatively mild. Google says it was 68f/20c today in Stockholm. It was mostly cloudy. It's been around that almost every day. A couple of days have been sunny. Several days have been cloudy with short under 30 minute showers. Regardless if I walk 5 blocks I'm sweating. I have to wipe my forehead, my neck, my back is dripping or close to it. It's really annoying. I feel like I can't do anything. I have to walk really slow and take a break every few blocks. This morning just walking from my room to the lobby and then around to the back of the hotel building (up 2 flights of stairs) and I was sweating.

I started working out in the morning and it's only been 3 weeks so if it is just being out of shape maybe in a few more months I'll know. It's to the point that when I go out I just wear a t−shirt. Most of my life for the last 10 years or so I've worn a button shirt (like say an aloha shirt) and under that a undershirt and I've been fine but since I got here that's been too much and I've just been wearing the undershirt. Well, in this case it's a polyester sports t−shirt so it looks a little better than walking around in an undershirt.

It's possible it's the synthetic shirt. I could try wearing my normal cotton shirts but I did try that at least once and noticed no difference. I don't know how to compare. Just last autumn I was walking all over Tokyo. Of course it was colder, 8c to 15c, but still I don't remember sweating so much in such mild weather. I checked and Stockholm is currently similar to San Francisco. At least according to Google both cities were 68f/20c today. SF's humidity was 76%, Stockholm's 73%. Other sites show the dew point and pressure about the same as well. On the other hand they are clearly not the same as I'm used to the fog coming over the Twin Peaks in SF every day and there's not of that here so clearly there is some other difference in air content not covered by those measurements.

Another thing that triggers sweating quickly is using my backpack strapped over both shoulders. They claim it's designed to channel air between the bag and my back but I'll start sweating twice as soon with it on my back. I end up slinging it just over one shoulder so it doesn't ride my back which means I can go maybe 50−100% further before my back sweats but being lopsided is not supposed to be good on my back.

Even at night I'll try putting on a black tee and something over it and I start sweating almost immediately just getting ready.

I see people all over the city with large backpacks on not sweating so it's clearly something wrong with me. I hope it's just being out of shape but even a couple of years ago when I did p90x for 5 months I saw no noticeable difference after 5 months. In other words I could do the workout but when not doing the workout even relatively small efforts made me sweat.

Some of it has to be being out of shape. A good example is if I need to crawl under a desk to deal with computer cables I'll break out in a sweat pretty easily. That's been true since at least 2004 since the first time I noticed it was when I was working at Sony Japan. One of my co−workers saw how much I was sweating while fixing some cables and asked if I was ok. At the time I shrugged it off as (a) being out of shape and 🍺 using muscles in ways they aren't often used. I walked all over Tokyo back then and while when it's humid I sweat like any normal person I didn't feel like I sweat more than normal walking around on non−humid days.

Reading around the web on medical sites it doesn't sound like I'm sweating too much. On the other hand I know part of it is nerves. I know none of my friends would consider me shy but I still hate talking to strangers and I notice I break out in a sweat almost immediately when I talk to someone I don't know. At least here in Stockholm. That could be the environment as well meaning I don't remember breaking out as much in SF. Here most places are HOT to me. They don't have air conditioning since most of the year they don't need it but that means when it's 20c/70f+ outside it's 80 inside any place that has people and or a coffee maker or other heat generating machines.

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