Sushi Mon


I met a date here.  Not bad, the food and the date.  A little expensive though not for L.A. sushi but they had this one dish, which was the reason to go, which is basically tuna (or was it salmon) and tomatoes and some sauce on top of a large wanton chip.  That was really good even if another friend of mine frowned at the mix of tomatoes and sushi.






 It really pushes my stupid button when somebody complains about something and gives un unsupportable reason for their complaint.  In this case my friend's face turned sour when I mentioned the tuna, tomato, sauce and wanton chip dish.  After I finished my explanation of the dish she said something to the effect of "foods should not be mixed" meaning that tomatoes should not be added to sushi like it's wrong or something but the statement "foods should not be mixed" is a ludicrous statement.  Every food you eat except for raw meat and veggies is the result of somebody mixing foods.  Breads, cakes, sandwiches, salads, casseroles, sushi, ice cream, nearly every food is a mix of other foods.  Which is the specific year before which foods were okay to mix but afterwards it's evil?  Anyway, the truth of the matter was that this particular person doesn't like raw tomatoes.  If she had just said that that would have been the end of it instead of the ridiculous "foods should not be mixed".


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