I never really been in the market for suits. It's one of those things that seems not to have a point for most people in game development. I've known people to work in their pajamas or worse.

But, recently I was looking for a suit and so for the first time since I've been in Japan I went suit shopping and I found a couple of incredible places. One is call The Suit Factory. It makes me wonder if they are from England since their website is The other is Suit Direct.

They both have similar features. They both have 2 prices and only 2 prices for suits. 19000 yen and 28000 yen. That's about $160 and $250 U.S. respectively. They are both chains. They are also exceptionally cleanly organized stores. White walls, everything in order, 50 or 100 different shirts and ties all arranged by color. I'm trying to think of a similarly organized store. Maybe The Gap comes close maybe except even The Gap is not as cleanly organized as these stores. The clean organization makes them feel safe and high quality. Kind of like how Blockbuster seemed a whole lot safer and more trust worthy than your corner video store when they first appeared. And also decided NOT like The Men's Warehouse back in the states with all the suits kind of just stuffed in there.

They also carry a range of sport coats, over coats, leather jackets etc all and fairly reasonable prices. Most of the ones I saw were between $50 and $150. I wonder if they have plans to expand to the states. Though, suits just don't have the same place in society in the states or at least in L.A.

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