Splitting my site


I just split my site into blog.greggman.com and games.greggman.com. I kind of see it as, games, is my game development oriented site. A place for me to discuss and bring up game and career related things. The blog site is more personal. Of course feel free to read either, both or neither but it seemed to me that I needed to separate the two. I'd prefer if I'm discussing game development that and someone wants to look me up they can concentrate on game dev related stuff and skip the "looking for a girlfriend" stuff. I hope it works out.

I'm sure there will be some rough edges and bugs. All the old URLs should still work. One big change though, I switched comments to being listed oldest to newest (the opposite of what they used to be). I believe at the time I started comments on this system which way was more common had not really be decided but now as pretty much all comment systems go oldest to newest I've been told more than once it's confusing the opposite way so I switched them to be like everyone else.

Feeds for the 2 sites are separate. Stuff I post on one should not enter the RSS feed of the other so if you want the game related stuff in Bloglines or some other RSS reader you'll need to add that feed.

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