Speed Dating


Last weekend I finally decided to try Speed Dating. Speed Dating is where you go to the speed dating place, usually a club or bar, and you spend 5 minutes meeting each partner. Every person has a number. You mark the numbers of the people you enjoyed talking to and that you think you would like to meet again and if they also marked you down then the host will send your contact info to each other.

I was a little worried because last weekend it was supposed to snow and even though it didn't snow it was very cold and rainy but surprisingly everyone showed up. There were 17 women and 18 men so each round one guy had to sit out, no big deal since it was only for 5 minutes. The host would blow his whistle and you'd have 5 minutes to chat up your current partner. Then a minute break to switch tables, girls stay put, guys move. Every 4−5 rounds and they'd have a 20 minute break so it took about 2 1/2 hours.

I was also of course a little worried that the there wouldn't be many nice women. I'm not sure where I got that idea but actually they were almost all universally nice. Women who were clearly not desperate.

It was actually very cool. I've gone to quite a few singles parties and it's hard to excuse myself to move on to talk to the next person. Even if the person I'm talking to is someone I might be intersted in I'd like to meet a few more people. In Speed Dating though you don't need an excuse to talk to the next person. The bell rings in 5 minutes. If nothing works out I will certainly try it again.

Of the 17 there were I think 6 I marked down as yes. That's not to say I couldn't have marked down more but I kind of just went with my gut. 3 in particular I really liked. Of the ones I marked down, 3 marked me as well so we'll see how it goes.

Not to brag but I'm actually a little surprised I didn't get marks from at least 5 of those 6. One clearly had a bad attitude and was just there to support here friend but I thought I was quite the catch so I'm surprised I didn't get a mark from the other 2. I certainly did a great job of talking for 5 minutes to pretty much all of the women 😊 In fact, 5 minutes seemed really short but they really can't give you more time or it would take forever. Besides, while I'm sure there are exceptions, I do believe you can generally kind of get a feel for if you want to hang out with someone in 5 minutes.

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