Sony and AOL


According to this article Sony and AOL are putting AOL on the Playstation 2.

I wonder if this is a good thing or not? I suppose it's inevitable but is their really a match between people that want to access AOL through a box on their TV and people that want to buy a Sony Playstation? I guess the point is the new features will be added. They claim some games will support it. Does that mean multi−player support through AOL? It will be interesting to see how it works out though because I suspect that in order for it to be useful you'd have to shell out the money for the hard drive option and the keyboard and maybe even the mouse which also means you'd need a place to put the mouse.

Another interesting issue, maybe this is just the future, but I suspect that mom and pop won't be so happy that little Tommy is learning all these swear words or being stalked by child−molsters (even fake ones) while playing Everquest. Of course that same problem exists on a PC but I think PCs might skew to a slightly older audience. Then again, AOL and Everquest cost money so maybe junior won't be online anyway.

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