Just this year they finished putting up this new building in the center of Harajuku.  The building is about 8 stories tall but each story is 2 stories high with giant glass windows and the whole front of the building is circular like a barrel lying on its side.

I had watched it being built over the months and wondered what kind of store or office would be in it.

When it was finished the first floor was a Zara; Some kind of fashion brand I'm not familiar with although some of my friends assure me it's good stuff.

the night viewThe 3rd floor is a Gold's Gym and through the giant glass windows you can see everybody working out.

I didn't really give it a second thought until one night I actually walked directly in front of the building and saw a sign for Soho's on the 4th floor and even a roof top area on the 5th.

A few days later I went their with my girlfriend and what can I say.  It rules!!!

They have kind of 4 areas.  A restaurant which we did not try.  It's in the room on the back side of the building.  It looked very stylish but no view.  Of course they have the roof but it was raining that night so it was closed.  Then in the front they have a very fancy dining bar area and, for lack of a better description a couples area.  There is a row of tables, each seating two people.  The tables are right up at the glass windows with both seats facing the view.

what's next?It was great!  You can sit their and have a gorgeous view, eat some dessert and hang out.  Since it just opened I suspect word will quickly get out and there will be lines but when we went we got right in.

I'd go at night because they face the sun so it could be hot in the day.  They are open till 4am.  It's near the corner of Omotesando and Meiji Dori which is the main intersection in Harajuku.  The one with a Gap.

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