So I have some interesting news. I went Snowboarding last Friday. My first time. I fell and fell and fell and then I fell some more and then I had lunch. Then after lunch I went out and I fell some more and some more and then again I fell some more. You get the idea.

Before lunch I had one pretty bad fall. The snow was pretty packed where I was learning to snowboard and it hurt a lot. I fell with my arm between my chest and the ground and I just laid there in the snow for a couple of minutes to recover.

I was worried that maybe I broke something but my friends said "if you can still move than ain't nothing broken" so I kept boarding....well I guess actually I kept falling.

So then, Saturday and Sunday where painful since I don't excersize all my muscles were sore. My chest hurt but I assumed it was just a bruise or something. Monday I woke up and the pain in my chest was gone but I had a new pain at the bottom tip of my left shoulder blade.

By Tuesday all my muscle pain was gone but the pain in my left shoulder blade was still there. It was not a constant pain and actually most of the day I didn't notice it but if I yawned, or laughed or coughed it really hurt. A sharp pain. And if I turned in certain directions it also hurt. Trying to lie down hurt as did trying to sleep.

Well, I gave it a few days but today I finally went to the doctor. The results.........I broke my ribs in 5 places!!!!!

The x−rays showed that 4 of them are very small fractures. They just look like lines in the bones. The one near my left shoulder blade is slightly larger. So, that's why it's been hurting.

The good news is supposedly according to the doctor I don't need to do anything special. They are still all aligned correctly so she said the pain will probably last another week and they should be all healed in another 3 or so. I guess that means in Feburary I can try to go snowboarding again 😃

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