Silliest thing in a while


I've been meaning to post this for almost a month now but I saw this boombox at Sakuraya a few weeks ago. You wear it on your back like a backpack. I'm sure somebody will think this is the coolest thing ever made.

As far as I can tell it's only a CD player. No tape, no md etc. It's got aux in and a mic plug. I guess that's so you can sing−a−long as you strut down the street.

Gee, it uses 8 D batteries and lasts for a whole 8.5 hours. I guess pumping out the jams really takes the megawatts.

With 40 second shock memory I wonder how well it works if your are skateboarding, snowboarding or rollerblading. 😃 Maybe you can wear it while playing video games to FEEL THE POWER. If you want one they list for $400. 😉

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