Turn the lights off and check out the trailer for this movie. Shurayukihime (Fighting Snow Princess)

Don't ask me what they are saying. That's one of the proofs I'm not fluent as I have no idea friggin idea. Okay, well, I understood the first line. "Do you know the most peaceful place in the jungle? The center of the lion's ______" after that not a thing.

Anyway, it looks very cool and I'll probably go see it but it also looks like one a perfect example of a typical bad Japanese movie. All style, ridiculous story and scenes. I'm making an assumption here but that last seen with all the bullets flying off the princess' sword, she's not dodging a thing. She's spinning in place and the guy is missing a practically stationary target. Somebody clearly didn't think that scene through if she's supposed to be dodging the shots like Luke in Jedi or Remo Williams.

Of course I shouldn't single out Japanese movies. We have are Leviathans, or Deep Six Nines, our Supernovas and our Event Horizons. Maybe there's no difference except that, in live action movies, Japan has yet to put out a single good movie. No T2, no Raiders of the Lost Ark, no Star Wars, No Alien 2, etc. Every single attempt always falls flat.

They seem to have style nailed but when it comes to story and logic no such luck so far. If they ever figure that part out they might actually have a successful movie for ones.

Even our teachers point out that with the exception of Ghibli movies, there are almost no hit Japanese made movies even in Japan.

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