Today I found out that shortcake in Japan means "a slice of cake". Not knowing this I thought it meant shortcake as in the those small gold cakes you put strawberries and whipped cream on top of. I have a song that mentions shortcake too and I assumed she was singing about American style shortcake but it turns out she's just singing about cake in general. Of course cake in Japan is generally far better than any cake in America and there are cafes all over the place that serve no end of varieties. It's a common pasttime for women in particular to visit one of these cafes with a girlfriend and have a shortcake or "shore toe kay kee" as it's said in Japanese.

There are a few issues other issues like that. One similar issue is there is Hamberger (ham baa gaa) and Hamberguu (ham baa guu). The first is a regular Hamberger like you'd get at McDonald's. The second is a hamberger patty, thicker than normal, cooked and served like a steak, by itsself with sauce.

Another, Ice (eye sue) in Japanese is short for Ice Cream. Ice, like the kind you put in a drink usually is called Kori (co−ree) note: Japanese R is pronounced halfway between R and L so it sounds like a rolled R except it's rolled only once.)

Neko no Ongaeshi