Shopping! - Why else do I work?


So what do you do with your money?

Me, I consume like any good American. I buy CDs (I have about 600). I buy movies (I have about 150). I buy video games though now my company buys most of those so I don't have to.

I also collect a few things. I like to collect children's books. I have maybe 50 or so. I collect small toys. I collect stuffed animals but not as much as I used to. (See Seven) I also like to collect watches. I have about 45 and I look at it as about the only type of jewelry that men can have. Sure we can have earrings but about the only acceptable kind is just a silver ring. We can also have rings but most men wear only a wedding band and or class ring. I don't have a class ring and I'm not married.

Here are some of my watches. Most of them are Swatches because Swatch makes such interesting watches but if I see a interesting watch and it's not too expensive I'll buy it.

This one my Mom and Grandma got for me for my last birthday. It's called 'Weightless' and the guy in the center spins around.

This one is for kids and it barely fits.

This one was a gift from my friends Craig and Maki for Christmas in 95. You can only get it at Tokyo Disneyland.

This is a Keroppi watch from Sanrio. Unfortunately the clasp recently broke. I hope I can find another because this is one of my favorites.

This is one of Swatch's musical alarm watches. They are pretty cool because they have a little stepper motor that moves the hands so that when you press the button the hands move to show you if the alarm is on or off. Wait a moment and the hands will move to show you what time the alarm is set for. Wait another moment and that hand swing back to the current time but they move one whole turn before doing so.

This is another swatch musical alarm watch. It wish the alarm itself was more interesting.

This is the swatch Sea Monster watch. It's really ugly! That's why it's sooo Cool! When I first saw it in the swatch catalog I knew I had to have it. My friends think I'm crazy 😊

I'm not sure what the name of this watch is but it reminds me of artwork from the Ren and Stimpy show which I used to love.

Here is my newest Keroppi watch.

Those are just some of my watches. What do you collect?

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