Sharp W-ZERO3


So I was out today buying myself a Christmas present (more on that later). While I was out I stumbled on the Sharp W-ZERO3. It's a Windows CE pda, with VGA screen (640x480), digital camera, cell phone, wireless ethernet and mini keyboard all for only $350. Considering the cheapest 640x480 CE PDA I know of is the Dell at $599 and the dell does not include cell phone or camera or keyboard that's a pretty amazing price.

It's slightly thicker than most PDAs I guess, mostly because of the keyboard.

The really strange part is Sharp has a line of PDAs called Zaurus. They all run a custom OS based on Linux instead of Windows CE. Looking at Sharp's webpage there is no mention of the W−ZERO3 on the Zaurus pages. I'm guessing that means this is probably not made by the same division.

It might finally be time to upgrade. I've been wanting a new PDA for years to try to actually use it as a PDA. My current PDA is like 6 years old, has no power, can't run most software, so I only use it for my Japanese<->English dictionary.

I guess it's actually been out a couple of months but I didn't see one until today.</->

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