Sewing a button


I sewed my first button today based on these instructions.

I know it's probably stupid but some things it didn't cover are

  1. how to attach the thread to the needle. Do I tie it, do I use a special knot?
  2. how to attach the back end of the thread. What do I do, do I just leave so many inches of thread hanging out the back and try not to pull it all the way through? Do I tie it to something else?
  3. How to tie the finishing knot. What do I do? The illustration shows looping it around a couple of times in the back. Is *that* it? Am I supposed to tie something else? If so what kind of knot?

So, it's on, I'm going to go with it the way it is but I don't know if it will stay on. I hope if I did it wrong I don't loose the button.

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