There are four Sega buildings in Ohta.  Mine is 10 stories and my department is on the 8th floor.


Here's the view 😊


This is Miss Shizuka Konagai.  She is from personal and helped me get settled.   This day I had to get a physical for the company insurance.

Sega has Obento lunch catered.  It costs 250 yen (about $2.50) which is really cheap.  They have a calendar and it has three choices for each day.  You have to sign up at least a day early if you want it.  So far it's been really good.


Here's some examples of what I've been eating.


Things like beef curry, Spanish rice and chicken, Gyoza and eggs.


Here's what it looks like after lunch 😊

The first day I was there my team took me out for a welcome party.  Here they are

segaNoHito.JPG (57747 bytes)

Clockwise from the top left, Wada−san, Ishi−san, Ando(ichi−go)−san, Furukubo−san, again, Ando(san−go)−san, Ke−san, Wada−san, Nami−san (I may have his name wrong), Ando(ichi−go)−san and in the middle is Barada−san.  There are twelve people on my team.  I'm missing Imaida−san, Kuro−san and Nakada−san.

face20.gif (389 bytes)

Uchi no bashou
On the way to work