Search for a CD


When I was at Big Grub I stumbled upon my first Lounge CD at the now closed Tower Alternative. A Tower Records store that sold mostly imports and lesser known bands located at "the Lab" (anti−mall) as they call it.

Since then I've lost the CD. I may have left it at Big Grub or Maybe our music guy has it (or maybe he destroyed it) or I may have just lost it though I don't really see how so I'm guessing the CD goblins took it. Probably out with their buddies the sock monkeys that steal only one sock of a pair.

Anyway, I'm searching all over the net for that CD because I was in love with 2 of the of songs on it and I MUST HAVE THEM. Unfortunately it looks like my search is next to impossible. I mostly likely have the name of the CD wrong and I'm sure it was published by a very small company so it probably no longer exists.

First, no I'm not turning into Seymour from Ghost World but .. ah .. wait, I'm 36 and still single, and I have about 15 Lounge CDs ... maybe I am Seymour. But anyway, I stumbled across this site in my search. This guy really is Seymour as he has nothing better to do than to photograph all his way cool album covers.

But, cooler still, are the "separated at birth" covers. Scroll down the left window to near the bottom and click on a few. About 1/2 are practically duplicates. For example these two, these two, these two, these two which I think one was clearly a parody of the other. I'll leave you to decide which is the parody 😛

Hong Kong Signs
Wireless Prankster?