Rubio's is actually a fairly large chain in So.Cal.  It's specialty is fish tacos.   Yes you read correctly, Fish Tacos.  When I first heard about fish tacos it sounded kind of gross.  I don't know why when you think about it.  Tuna sandwiches are one of my favorites as were Fillet−O−Fish sandwiches at McDonalds when I was a kid.  My mom told me I had to give them a try so I did.  They are awesome.   The one to order is the Fish Taco Especial.

Note: They use a white fish that is light.  There is another smaller chain called Wahoo's.  They also specialize in fish tacos.  Unfortunately they use a more tuna like fish and they don't put any kind if sauce on the taco except that dry chunky tomatoey salsa.  I don't like them.  They do have some pretty good carnitas at though.

Directions: They are all over the place.  There's one at Main and Harvard in Irvine, one across from Triangle−Square in Costa Mesa, One at the Tustin Marketplace in guess where, Tustin.  One at the Irvine Spectrum.  Those are just a few that I can remember. To get to the Tustin one take the 55 north and then the 5 south and get off at Jamboree.  Turn left and then left again into the shopping center with the Ikea.   Rubio's is in the center island along with the Tower Records and BookStar.