This is one of those brewery restaurants where they make their own beers.  I'm not sure if the food is all that great here but I went a couple of times and the one reason I'd go back is they have this buffalo wings appetizer plate with 3 different types of wings.   It's about $10 and they give you something like 40 wings.  Just that plate alone was enough for 4 people.  Good Stuff.

The City of Long Beach is also trying to turn downtown Long Beach into a tourist area.   They just opened a new Aquarium down in the harbor and are increasing the size of their Shoreline Village.  A seaside touristy mall.  It's something to do.   Check it out.

Directions: Take the 710 south to downtown Long Beach (follow the signs).  It's about 6 or 8 blocks from the freeway on the left.  They've got a pretty big sign so I don't think you'll miss it.