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Today I just wandered around for a while after school and stumbled upon the following things.

I was at Tokyu Hands (a large department store that carries tools, furniture, craft supplies, stationary, stuff. It's a way cool store though a little expensive. Anyway the had something called Bitman. Unfortunately there seems to be no offical webpage for it.

What is it? It's a 8by8 animated LED display you can wear as a necklace or use as a watch or a clock or for what ever. It has an animated guy that does all kinds of stuff and you can program it with a message. As far as I could tell you can't change the animation. That would make it way too cool.

Looking for a webpage I did find that several people have made their own like this one and this one.

I also saw clock. What's so special about it? It uses MP3 sound for the alarm so you can set the alarm to anything you want. I think it supports 50 seconds. I don't know what bit rate but it sounded good enough for an alarm. I wonder how long it will be till they come out with the phone I've been waiting for for about 15 years now that has a digital ring so that you could use anything as your ring sound.

Something I really wanted though, and actually the reason I went was for this stuff animal thing called Nopopon (No Po Pon). They didn't have the blue one though and I didn't want the yellow, pink or gray so I'll have to go somewhere else to get it. The official site is here.

There was also this but it was not quite a cute as the previous one. Actually I saw quite a few more but they got pretty expensive and were made out of high tech materials almost like wetsuits.

But, the coolest thing by far was this Kaitenzushi machine. It was about 2 feet by 8 inches maybe and it was only about $33!!! If I had a job I would have bought it immediately just for the novelty factor. Although it's a toy it would work just fine for real sushi although only one piece per plate. 😎

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