Random Movies


I got to see Planet of the Apes here in Japan on Saturday. I guess that's a week earlier than the states. Honestly, my personal opinion is you can skip it. It wasn't even visually interesting like most Tim Burton movies are. He clearly tried but for some reason it just didn't cut it. On top of which as usually his stories are kind of stale but then usually at least the visuals make them worth seeing. Well, not this time.

I also got to see Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi. The new Ghibli movie (Totoro, Kiki's, Laputa, Nausicaa) and it kicked butt of course.

I hate to be a critic but there were a few issues. The girl is only 10 and when her parents get turned into pigs at the beginning of the movie she is suprisingly un−effected. Also later in the movie we are supposed to except that she's in love with some guy enough to do anything for him which was hard to buy (a) because she's 10 and 🍺 because there's been no setup for it. Still, those are minor points and easily ignored in the context of the entire movie which was highly entertaining in my opinion.

Somebody tell me. Can I look forward to Scary Movie 2, The Fast and Furious, Kiss of the Dragon and/or Final Fantasy? They all look at least interesting.

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