Random Links


Checking out Japaneze I found this fun site, Geisha Asobi Blog which links to the most random stuff. For example this site with Fake Japanese Products. Actually most of them are not done that well but a few made me laugh. Of course it was done better in the book 101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions which is also a bunch of fake inventions most of which actually seem almost believable.

That also reminds me of a site a friend showed me, Something Awful's Photoshop Phriday. They put up a topic and people send their own parody photoshop pictures. I've nearly lost a lung a few times.

Another couple of fun ones, Eye Shooting and Virtual Bubblewrap.

His links lead me to some interesting people like Reverse Cowgirl which lead to Kitty Bukkake and her article on Boba.

Warning: Most of links above lead to things that might bother some people. Follow at your own risk.

Wireless TV
Boba in Japan