PostPet in your Cell Phone


I saw that PostPet is now available for cell phones. For those of you that don't know about PostPet read on...

PostPet is this fairly popular e−mail software for PC and Mac where you have a PostPet, a virtual pet that you can play with and talk to etc but when you want to send e−mail you can ask your PostPet to deliver the e−mail for you. If your friend is also running the PostPet software then you PostPet will leave your computer and show up in your friend's computer and deliver your e−mail. At that time you PostPet will play and converse with your friend and your friend's PostPet so that when your PostPet comes back home he might have some interesting things to tell you about your friend. While your PostPet is gone you can use your Mail Robot to send e−mail to other people. Your Mail Robot instantly comes back ready to deliever more e−mail where as your PostPet might be gone for a few days.

There's been several versions and several side projects. There's a dedicated PostPet machine. PostPet for Windows CE. There was an English version but it didn't catch on like it has here so it's been discontinued. And now, as pointed out above, there is PostPet for cell phones.

Watching the demo on that page above I see that you can give your PostPet various presents, one of which is Beer! 🍺 cheers 😛

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