We checked into it and I can't get the Sony SO503i. I'm not sure what to do but I did notice that J−phone has 8 new models including this one, the J-SA03 which has at least one thing over the Sony. It HAS a camera like my current phone.

One of the things I didn't like about my phone is that it's not a folding kind so I always have to lock and unlock the keyboard otherwise just having it in my pocket the buttons are constantly being pressed, turning on the backlight, dialing random numbers etc. Locking it is 7 button presses. Unlocking it is 4 (the code). If I had a folding phone I wouldn't have to do that. I'm pretty sure that new phones all also support J−Phone's i−Appli clone for applications in Java.

Still, DoCoMo seems to be where all the action is. Although Sega has signed up to do games for J−Phone they already have games on DoCoMo's i−Appli and there is of course the Sony PS2 connector for i−Appli phones etc.

What to do.... 😖

In other news I got Rollerblades....and pads.....and a helmet.....and a backpack for them. I've never used a helmet but after reading the FAQ at I decided I should be using one. Also I've never had a backpack for them but as I have to carry them around on the train for 30 minutes to get someplace I can use them I thought I'd better get something. Now how to get myself to use them often. There's a girl at school who sounds like she goes blading around twice a week so hopefully I can hang with her. If not, maybe I can find a club or something.

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