Parappa Giveaway


I've been wanting to do this for a while just for fun and that is have a give away for stuff that I think is cool that is hard to find in the states so, here's my first one.  If it doesn't end up taking too much of my time I'll do another.

What am I giving away?

A Parappa the Rapper 2002 organizer.

Here's an example from the inside

This is a pretty small organizer.  Less than 3mm thick probably.  It is not some big fancy leather bound thing.  Still, it's cool because it's small and useful and cute.  I'm using one myself 😉  It's got a few funky things in it.  It's got a world map, a note area, a drawing area, a contact area, a class schedule page, detachable tags about the size of gift tags, I guess to use to pass a note to someone, and it comes with a sheet of little Parappa stickers as well as the calendar area pictured above.

If you want it here's the rules.

⭐️ Send me an e−mail:  The subject must be "PARAPPA−DRAWING" no quotes.  Put your name or nickname in the body of the email:  You should be able to click HERE to e−mail me.

That's it!

Please only enter once.  I will delete any double entries.  The drawing will be held on Feb 28th (assuming I can get on the net that day) and I will notify the winner by e−mail and post their name on my website.

Note: I will NOT be collecting any e−mail addresses.  In fact I will ignore all that e−mail until I Feb 28th at which point I will draw one at random and e−mail that person they won.  They will have one week to respond before I decide they've dropped off the earth and I pick a new winner.  Once I have a valid winner I will delete all those e−mails.

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