I guess the current topic of discusion is Pandora. It's site that you type in a musical artists's name or a song name and it will play music that's supposed to be similar. I think really the only thing that makes it interesting is it's free. I tried it and it failed pretty miserably to provide similar music.

First I tried Pizzicato Five. It gave me Bizzare, Inc. (house music), Taylor Dayne (gospel house?), Brazillian Girls (mellow house). All WRONG!

I tried Moocheba it gave me a bunch of groups that sounded like acoustical alternative , t.A.T.u (WTF?), Amy Grant (Super WTF!?). My first choice would have been like Sneaker Pimps

I tried Massive Attack I got Darediablo (heavy metal, WTF!)

So, I tried it on Rhapsody They have a similar service called create your own radio station where you can enter up to 9 artists and it will play them and similar music.

I tried Pizzicato Five and got perfect matches, Kihimi Karie, Cornelius, Fantastic Plastic Machine. I tried Moorcheba and got Sneaker Pmps, Lamb, Zero 7, all perfect matches. I tried Massive Attack and again perfect matches. Portishead, Hooverphonic etc.

What was your experience?

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