Noriko Fujiwara's PS2 Game


Noriko Fujiwara is one of the top models in Japan in several dramas and representative of several brands including J-Phone, more J-Phone pictures, Fuji Digital Cameras, Japan Airlines, this commerical always cracks me up. I guess I just find the dance funny.

If you're wondering if she's my *type* the answer would be no but it's hard to avoid her with her face appearing everywhere.

Anyway, today it was announced that she's staring in a new game called Project Minerva for PS2 where she plays a member of a SWAT team.

The news program was making a big deal about it. Partly because she's popular not just in Japan but she's also well known throughout much of Asia. I also have a feeling that at least in Japan, there is alot more celebrity worship and I believe there is less of a history with stars in games here. In America putting a star in your game generally means the budget went to the star, not the game therefore the game is crap.

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