The Newsroom on Robertson in Beverly Hills is a great place to take someone from out of town for breakfast, brunch or lunch when you don't know where to else to take them.  It's on a smaller street in the designer furniture area of Beverly Hills.  It's across from a restaurant that appeared in the movie "Get Shorty".  The chances of seeing somebody famous and probably pretty high.  And, the food is not bad depending on what you order and what you like.  It's kind of California style *health* trendy so for example I haven't had a salad there I personally enjoyed but I love of the breakfast catfish and the French toast is good.

Across from the Newsroom in the same building is a way cool store called Storyopolis which is a children's bookstore which also features real artwork from the artists that make the books.  Way cool!!!

There is a smaller Newsroom in Santa Monica.  Nothing really special to recommend it unfortunately.  The menu is much smaller.

NBC Seafood