New Editor / New E-mail


Other than sending your e−mail address to a zillion companies, the best way to go about getting lots of e−mail is to have your email address appear on a webpage somewhere on the web. The reason is the spammers write programs to read every page on the web, save every e−mail address they find and then send junk mail to those addresses.

I get quite a bit of it and really, the only place my e−mail address is on the web that I know of is my website. So, I removed it. Now when you click "e−mail me" you get form you can fill out. That has the advantage that it can be used from anywhere where as the style of link requires that the user be on a computer that has an e−mail program installed. It also has the advantage that my e−mail address does not appear on my page to be scanned by a spammer's program.

The other thing I did recently is I added "What You See Is What You Get" editing to my comments system. Supposedly if you are running IE5.5 or better you'll get a toolbar at the top of the window with icons for setting bold, italic, outlines, indenting, font, color, size etc. I'm sure there will be a few problems to iron out but it was fun to figure out how to get it to work.

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