New Comment System


I added a new comment system so I'm not longer using we::blog. We::blog is great but I think I out grew it. I was not really using it for a blog but instead for a comment system and in that sense there were various reasons to make my own but I had been too lazy.

Hopefully there are not too many bugs. You will have to re−register since your old registration is with we::blog not with Otherwise, you can post anonymously also.

I think I successfully copied nearly all the comments from we::blog into my new system. Hopefully nothing is missing. The Lastest comments list is messed up right now but that stuff will scroll off as new messages are added. A big thanks to Danny Chan for making we::blog in the first place!!! 👍 😊

The new version should be a little faster because you are accessing just one site instead of two. Also the number of comments and latest comments should update immediately instead of once a day since that info is now easily available for me.

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