Netscape Sucks!!!


Netscape is a piece of crap! Nothing ever works on it. I don't know why anybody would like it over IE except that so many people seem to hate Microsoft. My specific gripe of the day is that my Pictures from Cell article CRASHES netscape 4.7. I don't know about 6.0 or any previous version. All it's doing is displaying a friggin table. The tables are semi−complicated because they are used to put drop shadows around each image but they are not that complicated. I tried remaking the tables from scratch in Dreamweaver. Still crashes netscape. I disabled the borders for people running Netscape but the page still is completely wrong. Check it out from Netscape if you want to see what I mean. You CAN'T specify such a crappy display in standard HTML but for some reason, bugs in Netscape make that page a mess.

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