Netscape still crap


Note: I had put off downloading Netscape 6.X since I'm perfectly happy with IE6.X but after one user reported that the slideshow in Thumbs didn't work with Netscape 6.X I downloaded it. I got the slideshow to work. The problem is that Netscape 6.X for some unknown reason, automatically escapes double−quotes in a string used in an open−window URL.

Another difference is how to access parts of a document. In IE6 it is sufficient to for example reference a part of the document by name as in

thepicture.width = 20;

but in Netscape you must fully qualify it as in


Why they did this I'm not sure. Maybe it's a disagreement in what the standard is supposed to be. Of course this probably breaks several websites.

But, my experience with Netscape 6.X getting the slideshow to work was pretty sad. At one point Netscape's javascript console window got into some kind of infinite loop printing an error message even though no windows with javascript were open. Quiting netscape and trying to re−launch it did not work. Checking the task manager netscape was still running and slowly eating up all the memory. I killed that task and was finally able to re−start netscape.

Then, trying to see if I could get the resizing that works in IE4−6 to work in Netscape 6.0 Netscape locked up my mouse. Netscape itself locked, I was not able to move the mouse pointer outside the window of netscape to the task bar. Fortunately the keyboard still worked so I was able to bring up the task manager and kill Netscape again.

I guess this means (at least to me) Netscape still has a way to go.

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