Net ready motorized camera


With all those damn X10 ads that keep popping up when ever I visit MSNBC or Salon you'd think I'd be immune to noticing something like this but JVC-Victor has a web enabled motorized camera. You just plug it in to any 10baseT network and point your browser at it's IP address and up pops a webpage.

Of course you'd probably want to do that on a private network first so you could set the password before the hackers get to it but otherwise you can set up 3 levels of access. Admin, Controller and Users. Users can view the images, Controllers and move the camera. Admin can set the passwords.

It's a little scary in someways. The whole thing is just plug and play. If you had a wireless net connection (like all cell phones in Japan do) then you could basically just put one anywhere as long as you were willing to pay the phone bill. Maybe it won't be Big Brother it will be Big Family as everybody eventually has several of these around their houses.

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