Neon (digital camera joy)


This is one of the things you do when you're alone and bored. Near the end of August / beginning of September 2000 most of my friends were seriously busy. One had recently got a serious girlfriend so he was always at home They are now married, Congratulations 😊 Another had an accident in the family and had to leave the area to a few months. So, I was pretty much alone.

It's interesting to me how hard it is to make new friends the older I get. In high school and college it's easy. There are lots of people you are around everyday. They are all doing similar things and the are all relatively the same age. Now that I'm 35 (when I wrote this) it's not so easy. I'm not a member of a church. If I go to a school the likelihood that there is somebody near my age and that has time to "hang out" gets smaller and smaller as more and more people "have other lives".

As for me, at the time I decided, if I can't go to dinner with my friends then I'll just have to go by myself. I beats saying at home where there's absolutely no chance of meeting somebody.

So, I ended up in the east of Beverly Center area and I decided to take a few pictures of neon signs to pass some time. Here are the results.

California Adventure
Only in Japan