Nam Kang: The Tol Sok Bi Bim Bap place


Tol Sok Bi Bim Bap is a Korean dish that comes in a large HOT stone bowl.  So hot that the food is frying on the bowl and you have to stir it around for a while to keep it from burning.  I'm not sure what all the things are in the bowl.  Rice, some meat, some sprouts, some spinach and then you add a red hot/sweet sauce.  It's really pretty good.

What's exceptional about this place is that (1) it's only like $8 and (2) you get like 16 side dishes with it.  It seems like a general quality of Korean food is that you get lots of side dishes.  Mostly pickled things, various kinds of kim chee and other stuff.  But this is the only place I've gotten 16 different types and included in the $8. Wow!

This place is on 8th street just east of Vermont.